UK Self Sponsorship Visa

This may be a suitable route for anyone who wishes to set up and run their own business in the UK without having a UK sponsor.

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UK Self Sponsorship Visa may be a suitable route for anyone who wishes to set up and run their own business in the UK without having a UK sponsor. This route will allow you to get a sponsor licence for the company you set up. The company can then sponsor you to come to the UK under a skilled worker visa. Unlike the innovator visa, no minimum investment is required in the business. 

Self-Sponsorship Overview

It is important to note that there is no official visa called the self-sponsorship visa however, this is an innovative route which may suit the needs of some individuals. This is ideal for experienced business people who have a successful business in their home country and have explored the opportunity to replicate the same in the UK, and the individual needs to be in the UK to ensure the success of the business operations. 

Our team can assist from start to end of the process. 

The process starts with establishing a UK company and identifying the key personnel. The company would need to do all statutory registrations depending on the nature of the business, along with ensuring the basic activities are completed to establish a legitimate presence in the UK, including creating business plans, organograms, websites, operational models and opening a business bank account in the UK. 

The company should also create an HR pack which ensures it has all the necessary controls and procedures compliant with the UK law and can monitor migrant workers. 

Company can then apply for a sponsor licence and when granted, request for CoS (Certificate of sponsorship) to sponsor yourself and/or any key individuals who are required to be in the UK to ensure successful business operations.  

How can we assist?

In addition to applying for the sponsor licence and skilled worker visa application, we can assist throughout the process, from the initial set-up of your new business to obtaining the skilled worker visa. We can introduce you to strategic partners and vendors such as accountants and business consultants, help prepare business plans, and assist with the business bank account opening and handhold as needed throughout the process. 

Once the legal entity is set up with a legitimate presence in the UK, we can check the eligibility and prepare and apply for the sponsor licence. We can train your key personnel on the sponsor duties and process the skilled worker visa application for you and your dependants.  


Other than meeting the minimum documentation and business case to explore this route, as mentioned above, there are no set criteria that must be met. However, to increase the strength of the application in this route, you must not have any adverse immigration or criminal history. You must also have a good business proposition as this would enable you to stay on for long term and eventually settle in the UK. If your business is no longer active or cannot afford to sponsor you, you will be required to identify another sponsor and/or switch your immigration category. Contact our team to have a quick eligibility screening for free. 


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