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All About Getting A Sponsor Licence

Your organisation will need a sponsor licence to sponsor any overseas national you wish to employ if they are not a ‘settled worker’ or do not otherwise have immigration permission to work for you in the UK.
Sponsor Licence
  • Sponsorship is a privilege, not a right. Significant trust is placed on a sponsor organisation, which means you must play your part in ensuring the immigration system is not abused.
  • Legally operating UK entity can apply provided they satisfy the eligibility requirements
  • Ensure you understand what roles can be sponsored and the minimum salary requirements associated with the roles
  • Ensure your organisation understands the sponsor duties and has a system or process to ensure compliance with the requirements
  • Ensure that the key personal are identified and they understand their roles
  • Identify the supporting documents and evidence you need based on the sector your organisation operates in
  • Once all of the above is checked, you are able to make the application and pay the correct fee based on the size/type of organisation. You must also send through the supporting evidence
  • If you’ve done all of the above, wait for the home office to approve you and add your organisation to the list of sponsors!
We can assist you in each step of the way and we typically take 3-5 working days to complete a submission once instructed. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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We understand that cost consideration is an essential element before deciding if you want to pursue with the licence application. Go ahead and tinker with our pricing calculator to get an understanding of the costs.
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Over £10.2M+
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We operate on a fixed fee model with prices agreed up front and no hidden costs and can provide you an accurate and bespoke quote after a free eligibility assessment.



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How We Assist In Your Sponsor Licence Application

Wonder why we have a 100% success rate and 5/5 in Trustpilot reviews. It’s simple and below is how we do it.
Assist Sponsor Licence
  • We understand your requirements and objectives and base our strategy around your requirements
  • We know the home office requirements and we keep ourselves updated with every small change they make so we can give our clients the best representation available
  • In our consultation, we review the company structure, the readiness to sponsor, and evidence that can be acquired. We will assist with ensuring the gaps identified are filled before we make the application.
  • We would rather not make an application instead of making a half-baked application.
  • We prepare and assist with submitting the application and also with proving the additional information required by home office.
  • We operate on a fixed fee basis and no matter how complex the application gets or how many man hours our team has to spend – we stick to our word.
  • We assist with preparing and we offer additional services as required for compliance with ongoing sponsor requirements or future sponsorships
  • We have the in-house expertise and multiple teams specialising in various matter within the sponsor licence landscape
  • You will have access to a dedicated client relationship manager for any questions you may have at any time
  • We always look out for how we can make your life easier and how we can save you costs. Our clients love it!
  • We are a client centric law firm, with every action and every process designed with your satisfaction at the heart of it. We will come through for you.

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We have assisted firms of all sizes and from varied sectors and assure you the best of our attention and service at all times.
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  • Are you lawfully operating in the UK and intending to offer genuine employment to non-settled workers?
  • Would you be willing to adhere to sponsor duties as prescribed by the UK Home office?
  • Do you have or willing to implement appropriate systems to monitor employees and people to manage sponsorship?
  • Does you and the organisation have a clean immigration and criminal history?
If the answers to the above are YES, we can help you with the rest. Get in touch.
Sponsor Licence Eligibility
Sponsor Licence Eligibility
Sponsor Licence Requirements
Sponsor Licence Requirements


  • Supporting documents relevant to the organisation to evidence that you are a lawfully trading genuine UK based entity
  • Key personnel who are willing to take on various roles required to maintain the sponsor licence
  • Details of the roles you are looking to sponsor and any attempts made to recruit from within the UK
  • Evidence to showcase your readiness as a sponsor to comply with the sponsor duties is an added advantage
It can look overwhelming. It is actually not if you have the experts talk you through it. Give us a call and we can answer all your questions.

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