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Streamlined immigration with City Legal’s sponsor compliance portal.

This compliance portal access is provided free of charge to all our retainer clients. Powered and supported by City Legal’s Immigration Experts.

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Migrant compliance solution
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The City Legal Portal stands out in providing a top-tier immigration solution complemented by unparalleled compliance expertise. With the compliance solution, our clients not only get a modern approach to immigration but also uninterrupted legal support from our team of corporate solicitors. Our solicitors are dedicated to assisting in seamlessly onboarding the clients, ensuring the effective adoption and utility of the Sponsor Compliance portal.

Organisation Compliance

Organisations often depend on basic tools such as spreadsheets or even paperwork for compliance management, leading to centralised management and reporting challenges. With City Legal's Compliance Management Software, companies can make their compliance program more efficient and streamlined. The City Legal portal is designed to be adaptable, pre-configured, and aligned with the highest industry standards, simplifying your compliance efforts.

Employees Compliance

An organisation’s sponsored employees have duties they are aware of that they must report regularly. However, it can be daunting to figure out all the reportable activities and chances of missing tasks is there. Our sponsor licence portal makes it easy for them to perform the necessary tasks, helping them to prevent any complications during their immigration process.

Key features

City Legal’s compliance management system makes maintaining compliance more straightforward and efficient with its various features.


Maintain organisational compliance and monitor employee adherence effectively with our comprehensive compliance status tools and essential tracking features.


Efficiently handle company information, employee data, licence specifics, and all essential details required for managing the sponsor licence, all in one streamlined system.


Find a comprehensive solution for all required reporting tasks related to employees on sponsorship in the UK, all in one convenient stop.


Explore a wide range of UK immigration services available on City Legal's portal, tailored to meet diverse immigration needs.


Effortlessly manage crucial reports such as employees' visa expiry dates, reportable changes, monthly checklists, and sponsorship records, all conveniently consolidated in one place.


Gain access to expertly-curated guidelines on sponsor licence responsibilities, all handpicked by our expert solicitors to aid navigation through the complexities of sponsorship.

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