Business Case: Sponsor Licence Reinstated After Suspension By The Home Office

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About the client

Client X is a premier management consulting firm that offers tailored solutions to both budding entrepreneurs and established businesses. As they sought to carve a niche for themselves in the UK market, the primary hurdle they encountered was the self-sponsorship process for their owners. Fortunately, they were already equipped with a sponsorship licence. The real task? Successfully navigating the complexities of the self-sponsorship application. But this is where the problem occurred for them!

Dive into their journey and the expertise our law firm brought to the table to ensure a smooth transition.

Challenges in the sponsor licence case

Client X, a standout management consulting firm, was on the cusp of expanding their entrepreneurial horizons in the UK. However, they were met with a considerable setback when the Home Office rescinded their sponsor licence. The reason? Allegations that the owners had been residing in the UK unlawfully, possibly engaging in work without the requisite visa permissions. This sudden blow threatened to shatter their aspirations of establishing their business in the UK.

The implications of a sponsor licence suspension are profound. Beyond the immediate impact of losing the capability to issue Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to prospective employees, the ripple effects are felt by current employees too. The company’s entitlement to employ its existing sponsored workforce is nullified, effectively jeopardising the livelihoods of these individuals and casting a shadow over the firm’s operations.

Facing these dire circumstances, the paramount objective for the business owners was clear: to conclusively demonstrate that the accusations levelled against them were based on misconceptions and were far from the truth.

As we delve into this case, we’ll explore the pivotal role of the informed legal team in navigating such situations.

How we solved it

Our Strategy was to defend Client X’s integrity and business vision. Facing the weighty allegations against Client X, our team at City Legal swiftly sprang into action. Recognising the gravity of the situation, we devised a meticulous strategy not just to counteract but irrefutably disprove the claims made by the Home Office.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses the following:

1. Business Documentation: We presented a detailed history of the business to provide context, backing it up with a forward-looking business plan that emphasised the owners’ commitment to their UK operations.

2. Financial Integrity: Using bank statements and an official letter from the bank, we demonstrated the financial solvency and legitimacy of the business.

3. Professional Profiles: We highlighted the credentials of the clients involved by presenting their CVs – specifically the HR Manager and Director. These documents elucidated their professional journey and reinforced their stake in the success of the business.

4. Legal Correspondence: Including detailed representations from our solicitors, we fortified our defence, asserting that all business activities and intentions had always been above board.

For every concern raised by the Home Office, we provided a specific, detailed response. Instead of offering broad denials, our team delved deep, providing concrete evidence to address each individual point. We laid out our rebuttals in an organised, coherent manner, ensuring that the narrative was both compelling and easy for the authorities to follow.

Through this exhaustive process, we aimed to eliminate any shadow of doubt, emphasising that any perceived inconsistencies were simply the result of misunderstandings or miscommunications. In defending Client X’s dream of UK business operation, our commitment to clarity, detail, and the truth was unwavering.

What was the result?

The collective effort, precision, and dedication of the City Legal team bore fruit when the UK Home Office announced the reinstatement of Client X’s sponsor licence.

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The Home Office’s feedback underscored the impact of our approach. They particularly appreciated the detail and thoroughness of our response, indicating that our methodical defence played a crucial role in swaying their decision. It was a testament to our belief that a comprehensive and well-articulated representation can and does make a difference.

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Client X’s elation was palpable. Beyond the immediate relief and happiness over the reinstated licence, they expressed immense gratitude for our unwavering support. They recognised that our actions consistently aligned with our assurances – a dedication not just to the task at hand but to the broader vision and dreams of our clients. At City Legal, we don’t just offer promises; we deliver results, and Client X’s success story stands as a shining testament to this commitment.


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